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annotated bibliography January 31, 2011

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Adolescent Medicine. Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society. 2008 Web. 31 Jan


The article gives the history of when adolescent medicine became its own field. It began as a branch off of pediatrics in 1951. Doctor J. Roswell Gallagher realized the importance of the difference between childhood and adulthood. Many psychologists discovered that the time period between those stages was very important to a person’s development. The article goes chronologically through the years of when it established that teenagers should have their own doctor so that they could express their needs and concerns without their parents present. This article effectively informs the reader chronologically the emergence of adolescent specialization. It also explains the importance of specialization.


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  1. […] change. Teens could go to their doctor on their own and could discuss what they wanted to discuss (Adolescent Medicine). This changed many issues with teens. For example teen pregnancy was very common a long time ago […]

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