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Sample Chickenpox Bibliography January 31, 2011

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“Varicella (chickenpox) In-Short.” September 24, 2008. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. January 31, 2011. <;

This resource is a website created by the CDC as a place for citizens to get information on the chickenpox disease.  The creator of the website specifically covered a brief description of the disease as well as symptoms, along with its complications, vaccine, methods of transmission and who should be vaccinated.  Since this is a scientific source there is no angle or argument formed by the author, but the effectiveness of the reporting comes from the legitimacy of the source.  The CDC is the country’s foremost expert on infectious diseases and the information they provide can be considered the final word on any questions regarding health issues.  This website is a great source for anyone looking for information on chickenpox, including many other diseases.


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