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2nd Source February 2, 2011

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“The History of Outcomes Research in Adolescent Pregnancy.”Medscape Today. WebMD LLC. Web.

1 Feb 2011.

This article is about the outcomes of adolescent pregnancy. It talks about studies that have been done in the 1970s and 80s of teens getting pregnant. One report claimed that teens who get pregnant at an early age are more likely to face economic issues and not have a high standard of life compared to teens who don’t become pregnant. This article is informative and goes into detail of the studies that were performed and compared them to other studies. This information can be used to show statistics of teens who were pregnant and the result of their economic issues.


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  1. […] done that showed that teen mothers were more likely to face poverty and need government help (“The History of Outcomes Research in Adolescent Pregnancy). It also showed that when girls became present at a young age that they would end up with more […]

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