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Measles Bibliography February 2, 2011

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Axton, J. H. M. “The Natural History of Measles.” Zambezia. 7. 2 (1979): 139-154. Web.

Cohen, Elizabeth and Falco, Miriam. “Retracted autism study an ‘elaborate fraud,’ British journal finds.” CNN Health. CNN, 5 January 2011. Web. 1 February 2011. <>

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Seeman, Neal and Mary. “Austism and the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine: Need to Communicate a Health Study Retraction to Patients.” Journal of Participatory Medicine. Society for Participatory Medicine, 17 December 2010. Web. 1 February 2011.

“The Problem,” “The Vaccine,” and “The Solution.” Measles Initiative. The American Red Cross, 2009. Web. 1 February 2011.

Measles Initiative is a website devoted to the eradication of the measles disease around the world.  It is divided into different subsections covering the problems with the disease, the solution, how one can help the cause, and links to news reports about the organization.  The website talks about all the good the organization has done in terms of lowering the number of deaths from measles each year.  This may be slightly biased, however, as the website would obviously be promoting the organization in the best light.  The creator makes his argument to persuade people to donate to the effort.  Still, this website is supported by the American Red Cross which is a highly respected aid organization.  One can trust that the information they read on this site is factual and that any money they donate will go where it is needed.


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  1. […] same as smallpox, but this was the first time someone acknowledged the difference between the two (Axton 140).  The first vaccination for the measles was created by John Enders in 1963 with improvements done […]

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