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Overview of Orthopedic Deformities and their treatments February 2, 2011

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Many orthopedic deformities are common in children. The most well-known are deformites that impact life for children such as cleft lip, cleft palate, clubfoot, and hand deformities such as clubhand and syndactly. These disease while easily treated through surgery, casting, and therapy in the modern world were not always so simple and easy to treat. All have been studied by many doctors and therapists in order to find therapies that provided the most competent care possible for children. According the Iowa Orthopaedic Journal, Clubfoot was treated by the Indians around 1000 BC and Hippocrates in the 400s CE using methods similar to the non-surgical methods used today although the treatments were not used later(Dobbs, Morcuende, Gurnett,Ponseti).

Accoding Orthopeadics, Clubhand was identified in the 1700s although the first effective treatments were not until the 1950s(Fitzgerald, Kaufer, Malkani 935).

Accoridng to Perko M., Cleft lip was frist treated by surgery in  China in the 300s BC but the surgery was not more successful until anesthatics were more successful allowing the painful surgery to be performed easily(par, 1). Other deformities had treatment progressions in similar patterns.


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