Children and Medicine

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The Dilemma February 2, 2011

Filed under: Jaiquan — jaiquanj @ 7:52 pm

As you know, I am taking a stance on youth fitness to the degree that there is a way to prevent This epidemic of obesity and sedentary lifestyles. So whats going on. As children start to get older and lives become more complex, the desire to exercise diminishes causing an adverse effect in the well being of the child. Not saying that this is a bad thing, however, the foundation for a healthy lifestyle should beset so that there is a conscious awareness of it at all times. A small amount of exercise is not only good for the child but also for parents as well. Studies show that there is a great drop off of exercise in adults after graduation (Worsnop np). Therefore, making a good decision for the child, as well as the parent. I am not going to sit here and tell you that I am in the best of shape. However, I know there comes a time when I need to go to the gym and partake in physical activity. The thought of playing shouldn’t be an omen but more of an innate characteristic that parents and children must embrace. I know it may sound as if I’m preaching but that’s not my intent. Its like the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 30 minutes of play keeps the doctor away.


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