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Therapy or Prescription-resource February 6, 2011

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Satel, Sally. “Antidepressants: Two Countries, Two Views.” The New York Times 25 May 2004,

Health sec. The New York Times. 25 May 2004. Web. 6 Feb. 2011. <;.

This article talks about the differences in the treatment of depression in adolescents by the United States and Britain. Britain takes a more cautious approach when prescribing drugs to adolescents because there of the risk of suicide as a side-effect. The U.S. are more likely to prescribe the medicine. This article informs the reader about the different sides of the argument and also gives statistics of the likely hood of the U.S. to prescribe medicine compared to Britain. It does a good job making the reader think about which country has the better approach.


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  1. […] medicine than Britain. They take more of a therapy treatment first before prescribing medicine (Satel, par. 5). The New York Times, states that “American doctors are five times as likely as British doctors […]

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