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Socio Economic Status February 7, 2011

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The truth of the matter is this, money talks. However way you look at it the key to being physically fit is having and using the necessary tools around to have the most productive workout. Therefore, the socioeconomic status of a person totally develops the fact that the higher you are in economic status means the more assessable a person is to the luxuries such as gyms, fitness centers, and recreational centers. Also the eating habits in a household with below average income is more than likely different than that of a household with an above average income. However, socioeconomic status cannot be directly linked to the well being of children because it is collinear to race/ethnicity (Health and Human services article). Another note that relates is that between the years 1986-1998 the obesity rates with African American and Hispanics grew a whopping 120% while with non-hispanics and whites the rate grew only 50% (HHS article, na, np).With that being said, I’ll let you be the judge to how it factors in society. Also, to buy foods that are healthy is generally more expensive than to buy foods that are not as healthy. Here’s a scenario, take a mother who is making minimum wage trying to feed her two kids. She only has $20 and she her kids are hungry. Does she buy fresh fruit and produce from the market for about $15 or does she stop to McDonalds and feed them both for $6?


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