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Chickenpox Bibliography February 9, 2011

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“Chickenpox: The disease, the vaccine and the parties.” Parents PACK. December 2010. Web.

This is an article from an issue of Parents PACK, a newsletter published by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  It discusses the occurrence of chickenpox parties, where parents willingly expose their children to the virus.  The thought process behind this action is to give a child the disease early in their life when they can most easily fight it and then become immune to it.  The article discusses some dangers with this practice, such as going to complete strangers houses to have these “parties.”  An article from the New York Post is also quoted to further discuss the new trend.  The article also gives basic facts about the disease and its vaccine.

This source is refutable because of its association with an accredited hospital. Not only is it a good source for this topic but their are many more topics about children and medicine in the Parents PACK archives.  Most of the articles are written without bias because their sole purpose is to  help parents any way they can in raising their children.  The site is very informative and easy to navigate.

Healthwise Staff. “Chickenpox (Varicella).” Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Healthwise, Incorporated, 26 May 2010. Web. 7 February 2011.

Kriss M.D., Nathan. “Chickenpox Pneumonia: A Case Report.” Radiology 66.5 (1956): 727-729. Web.

Friedman, Emily. “Doctors Wary of Dangerous Pox Parties.” ABC News/ Health. ABC News Internet Ventures, 2 February 2009. Web. 13 February 2011.


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