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Head Lice Bibliography February 9, 2011

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“Head Lice.” Directors of Health Promotion and Education. Web. 8 February 2011.

“10 Downing Street bugged?” The Times of India 5 February 2011. Web.

Downs, A.M.R. “Evidence for double resistance to permethrin and malathion in head lice.” British Journal of Dermatology 114.3 (1999): 508-511. Web.

This is an article from a scholarly journal on the phenomenon of head lice becoming resistant to current medicines.  A case study was performed in the UK where the head lice from students in Bath and Bristol were tested for their response to specifically permethrin and malathion.  In these cases the lice was resistant to both medicines.  As quoted in the summary, “This is the first report of doubly resistant head lice.

This source is very refutable because of its appearance in a renowned medical journal.  While very informative, the language is very scientific and hard to understand if one is looking for a quick answer on this subject. Still, this is a full lab report that details every step of the process from subjects and methods to results and discussion.  There are graphics to also help one understand the case findings and a list of many references.


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