Children and Medicine

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The Future February 9, 2011

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Is this what America is coming to?

With the world becoming more “healthy” it seems as if the main focus is placed on the curing of diseases and adult health care. That’s fine and all, but who will be the ones to take over  the workforce and be the adults that these scientists stress healthy lifestyles to? The youth. In order to form a “perfect society”, one must start with the society of the future. If you instill the knowledge and implement programs that will help kids see the benefit of an active lifestyle, there will be a better society in the future as regards to health. Morbid lifestyles have evolved because of modern society as we know it.  A lot of which is technology. Kids nowadays, go to school, then come home and are glued to the television screen. This is the venue where advertisers have a field day and play with the psyche of adolescents as their body as well as minds are developing (Childhood Obesity np na). They know that kids enjoy watching television and because of that they use tactics that give children more motivation to eat unhealthier things. According to the Child Obesity article, approximately 20% of kids are getting the recommended fruit and vegetables that they need a day.However, the ones that are getting the proper amount of vegetables about 10% of them are obtaining their nutrients via french fries (Child Obesity np na). Oh the irony!


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