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The Mumps Bibliography February 9, 2011

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Taylor, Brent. “Autism and measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine: no epidemiological evidence for a casual association.” The Lancet 353.9169 (1999): 2026-2029. Web.

This is a scholarly article from The Lancet medical journal.  It was written in response to Andrew Wakefield’s study published in the same journal that stated the MMR vaccine could cause autism.  This article claims that there is no link between the vaccine and autism.  It is a full case report including write-ups on patients and methods, results, and discussion.  The use of scientific graphs and charts breaks down further the results of the experiments.

The Lancet is obviously a world renowned medical journal.  However, it is still hard to accept some of their publishings because of the issue with Wakefield’s fraudulent study.  While the science is sound and helpful to those interested, it is easy tell that this study is done solely to refute the first, almost as a cover-up for publishing a questionable report the first time.  Still, by all accounts Wakefield’s actions reflected solely on him and not the journal, so one can consider this a worthy site for scholarly articles on medicine.

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