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Parental Influence February 16, 2011

Filed under: Jaiquan — jaiquanj @ 7:33 pm

Due to advances in equal rights and technology men and women are now making meaningful careers as opposed to past stay-at-home moms. Therefore, parents have pressures such as work, taking care of the household, while taking care of their kids at the same time. Which simply means, they don’t have the time to play with their kids (Stout D1). Work demands and busy schedules all play in a factor in how much time the parent is able to play with their child.

According to a special issue article, minority populations risk for obesity seems to be relatively higher. The trend seems more prevalent in single women (Kumanyika np) . So if a woman in that category were to have kids, the child(ren) would be exposed to that lifestyle. Making a sense if normality for the child. Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life. So parents please make all your decisions in regards to your child because they are a small reflection of the person that you are.


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