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Source February 9, 2011

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Lenore Skenzy . Why Kids don’t Play outside Anymore. Free Range Kids. WordPress. 7 February 2011.

Lenore creates a blog to explain why she thinks that kids don’t play outside anymore. Her theory is that architectural advances and an increase in the traffic pattern is the cause for it. She gives a short opinionated explanation for why kids, as well as parents, now have seemed to denounce the fact of playing outside of the house.


Sources February 7, 2011

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Childhood Obesity. Human health Services. Web. 4 February 2011.


The Human Health Services department put together a study of trends they saw in childrens’ eating habits and obesity rates. It breaks down most of the factors that a child can face and provides graphs along with startling statistics to boast their argument. This source is perfect because it shows how obesity rates have climbed within the last few decades and it offers solutions to why this has occurred. Lastly, the article is relevant to nearly every aspect of my topic making it easy to draw from in more than one perspective.



Kumanyika, Shiriki K. Special Issues regarding Obesity in Minority Populations. Annals of Internal Medicine. Web. 4 February 2011.


This article focuses more on the psychological effects of obesity within minority groups and give a few indicators to prove how they factor in together. The other thing that makes this article relative is that it delves into future numbers and projections that tell what the future holds if the trends in children’s health does not change.



Harsha, David. The benefits of Physical Activity in Childhood. The American Journal of Medical Sciences. Web. 5 February 2011.


Dr. David Harsha has spent exhausting efforts into helping the youth prepare for a better lifestyle and establishing a healthier life for them overall. This article is proof of my previous statement. In his article, he provides the graphs and statistics that show, as to why, living an active lifestyle as a child is more beneficial.


Biblio entry February 2, 2011

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Stout, Hilary. Effort to Restore Childrens Play Gains Momentum. New York Times 6 Jan. 2011. D1. Print.


This article basically describes how in a Pennsylvania neighborhood parents are fearful of letting their kids play outside. Its almost like a phobia for them because the act of kids frolicking together are diminishing. The author has an old school approach to the dilemma. She feels that by letting children go outside and find something to do is a simple solution to what has become a major glitch in America’s health scene.



Annotated Bibliography January 31, 2011

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Worsnop, R. L. Youth fitness. CQ Researcher. 841-864. Web. 31 Jan. 2011.


In Richard L. Wornsop’s Youth Fitness article, he explores a myriad of ways in which why the younger generation are living more sedentary lifstyles. He examines how the times have changed and sedentary lifestyles are prevalent not only in the lives’ of youth but in their parents as well. The article sheds light on the many reasons why this phenomena is happening. I will use his logic to try and provide  solutions given the new day and age.