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Go Play! January 24, 2011

Posted by jaiquanj on January 24, 2011 · Leave a Comment (Edit)

Those were the days 

This picture above is becoming more obsolete as the days go by. Why? Because of technological advances and mass production of goods has made the world “lazy” in a sense of that everything is convenient now. They say the world is getting fat. However, if you look at how children spent their free time in the past you will see that physical activity was a major part of their daily routine. Now with all the gaming systems (i.e. xbox, playstation, nintendo ds, etc…) there is a lack of physical activity in the lives of today’s youth. Also with time people have gotten smarter and now realize that kids are easy to influence psychologically. Therefore, they know that simple advertising is a way to get kids to want more of something even though they don’t physically need it. I am here to explore modern day solutions based on historical analysis to alleviate the cause of inactive lifestyles of today’s youth, tomorrow’s future.

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